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Weekly Activities: Week 1

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Yahoo Group Tasks: Week 1

(These tasks have already been posted in the Yahoo Group messages.)


1. Post an introduction for yourself. In the introduction, give your name, gender, location, time zone (+/- GMT), and tell a little about who you are and what you do. Also, list the IDs (Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Twitter, etc.) that  you use for online communication.
2. Upload a photo of yourself to the Photos folder shown in the left-hand sidebar menu. Choose 2009 Participants within the Photos folder.

Complete the online Preassessment Survey for this seminar. You can find it here:



  Additional Tasks: Week 1

(These tasks have not been posted in the Yahoo Group messages.)


1. Go to the Participants page in this wiki. In it, you will find a table. In the table, type your complete name and the name you prefer (for example, your given name or a nickname) for communication in Multilit 2009. Follow the example entry. Do not change the font color or style or add additional information: simply type your complete name and your contact name as in the example.
2. For Additional Task 2, follow the directions at the bottom of the table described above.
3. Take a look at Extra Activities posted for Week 1.






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