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Multiliteracies 2010 Participants

Page history last edited by Jennifer Verschoor 14 years, 6 months ago

We are starting here a list of participants in the 2010 Multiliteracies EVO session.  In order to minimize our need for maintenance, we ask that you follow the simple instructions below for now, and later we'll revisit this page with more information linking to your course profiles and eportfolios.


Directions: In the table below, look at the examples that are already there. They have two things in the left column and two things in the right column.


In the left column, type your name and after it, in (parentheses), your username in the Multiliteracies EVO 2010 Yahoo Group.


In the right column, type the city where you are living or studying now and, (in parentheses), the U.S. state or the country in which the city is located. After the city, type your home city and, (in parentheses), the U.S. state or the country in which the city is located. 


After you type this and only this information, scroll to the bottom of this space and click Save. The width of the columns will automatically change.


Later, we will be adding other information hereā€”for example, photos and links to blogs and websites that you maintain. For now, however, add only what is asked for above. Please do not change the font size or color (even if you know how) and please do not add a photo or anything else (even if you know how; we will add those (and other) things later, step by step.



The MultiLit Moderators


Dennis OIiver (doliver_phoenix) Phoenix (Arizona) Louisville (Illinois)
Vance Stevens (vance_stevens) Abu Dhabi (UAE) Houston (Texas)
Nina Liakos (nina_liakos) Gaithersburg (MD)  Hackensack (NJ)
Jana Meissner (meissner_jana) Dresden (Germany)
Jennifer Verschoor  Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Paula Ledesma (Helping North)  Buenos Aires (Argentina) 




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