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Multiliteracies 2009 Participants

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Multiliteracies 2009 Participants



In the table below, input your complete name and the name you prefer for Multilit

communication in the table which follows. Type only this information. Do not change

the font size or color. After you finish typing, scroll to the bottom of the table

and follow the directions that you will see there.


Dennis Oliver
(Dennis in Phoenix)
Gosia Kurek (Gosia)
Nancy McKeand (Nancy McK) Lynn Treangen
Nergiz Kern (Nergiz) Stella Saubidet
Mariel Amez (mamez) Nelba Quintana (Nelba or nelbaq)
Michael Shade (Michael)  
Giuliana Perco (Julie)  
Joel Bloch (Joel)   
Joel's Mutiple Literacies *  
Yatziri Garza (Paty)  
Maricarmen Gamero (Mary)  
Jennifer Verschoor  
Mirian Alvarez   
Angeles Hernandez (Angeles)  
Pete MacKichan (Pete)  
Rosa MarĂ­a Pedrero (Rosa)  
Amy Meckelborg  
Eleanor Adika (Eleanor)  
Vida Zorko (Vida)  
Vance Stevens (Vance)  
Alfia Mironova ( Alfia)  

* Multiliteracies Reflection Page


Now go to the Participants Read Me #1 file.


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