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Gosia Kurek

Page history last edited by Gosia Kurek 15 years, 1 month ago

Multiliteracies - first week impressions :-) 


Multiliteracies imply abundance - this is something you definitely need to accept right from the start. A multitude of modes, tools, postings, materials + constant information overflow. Enough to make people dizzy and overwhelmed.

These are exactly my feelings after the first week of the mutliliteracies seminar. Most of the tools used here are new to me - it's taken me quite a while to sign up to all (?) of them, get used to their layout and logic, not to mention discovering their relevance to this session. Very time consuming, yet inspiring at the same time. You need to be persistent, on a constant lookout for clues and really well-organized.

Drawing from my own experiences here I can already tell multiliteracies are a state of mind rather than a set of skills to be mastered. This is something I'd been suspecting yet it took this session to make it obvious.


It's been said several times by Oliver that multilinearity is a core feature of this course. True - there seems to be no specific place for posting comments on particular activities - all the discussions seem to be happening simultanously here and there. Yet my brain of a digital non-native (yes!) finds it hard to accept this lack of order and seeks patterns or logical connections in seemingly distant activities. Tiring and time-consuming. On the other hand I get to understand what connectivism is all about - this is precisely what I'm trying to do here!


These are my first week learning gains:

  •  awareness I'm part of a larger community of people sharing the same interest in multilitercies
  •  several new online tools tamed or almost tamed (pbwiki, netvibes, survemonkey, slideshare)
  • coming to grips with connectivism  - first hand experience!
  • a handful of new ideas (only beginning to emerge) of how to enrich the literacy classes I teach.



I'm really looking forward to the next week :-)


best greetings to all of you :-)

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