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Extra Activities: Week 2

Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 15 years, 4 months ago

Hi Folks, Vance here ...

I'm not sure how many of your are interacting here.  Most activity seems to have moved to the Ning and YahooGroup.  However, if you are using this space, feel free to Edit the Sidebar and create a Week 3 page (anyone can do this).  This is your space, use it as you would a sandbox (no throwing sand now, ... ;-)


Dear Participants


Welcome to our second week from January 19th until 25th and our theme is Tagging and Aggregation.



This week introduces a thorough discussion of the key concepts tagging, RSS, folksonomies, and aggregation. Example implementations using these concepts for language learning are introduced, and techniques and tools for aggregation of content on the web are explored.  Participants are expected to tag and configure their blogs and other web artifacts associated with this course in a way that their content can be aggregated by other participants here. 


 Our guest speakers this week are  George Siemens, Gladys Baya and Doris Molero so please check our Events Schedule . Plan ahead as not to miss any of our great speakers.










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