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Dennis in Phoenix

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This photo was taken with my first digital camera, which I bought it in 1997 or 1998. The young lady (who was about two years old at the time) is the daughter of a well-known ESL/EFL WWW personality. She's been around computers her entire life.


When I took the photo, Shannon could speak a little (in a mixture of English and Thai!), but she couldn't read at all in any language. There were, however, several computer games that she liked, and she could manage them very well—and without any assistance from her dad, mom, or big brother.

Shannon looks very different now. You can see her as she was in 2007 by going


I don't have  photos of me using computers in class, but here's one of some of my students two or three years ago. They were working on a collaborative research project at
Estrella Mountain Community College, and even though their smiles seem posed, they, in fact, enjoyed working together. The one on the left was from Chad, the one in the middle from México, and the one on the right was from Oromia (the Oromo area of Ethiopia). These students worked together very well because they did a commendable job of distributing responsibilities in such a way that each one was in charge of something she or he liked to do and could do well.



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bloch10@... said

at 3:11 pm on Jan 27, 2009


When my daughter was two, she broke the keyboard of my computer. I was upset but it happened that night that I got an email from our IT person that he had some free keyboards to give away. The next morning I went right to his office and got two.I thought this was easy, so I decided to let her on the computer. I found a Sesame Street website that let her choose color for a diagram. At first, she would sit on my lap and choose the color and I would click on the mouse. Soon, she wanted to use the mouse herself. Since then, I've pondered on the question of what it means that she learned how to use a mouse at two and I was in my early thirties when I first used a mouse. She's ten now but I'm probably one of the few parents who still know more about computers than their children, but her friend gave her a Webkinz for her birthday and she does now more about virtual worlds than I do.

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